Cristen Oliveros

Hey there,

I'm Cristen!


Hi, I'm Cristen! I've been passionate about marketing ever since I was in high school. I worked multiple jobs in marketing, and run a business that specifically serves clients who have identified esports tournaments as an execution for their marketing campaigns.

I am a firm advocate for work-life balance. That's why I like thorough planning and strategizing based on research.

I also like developing templates and systems to make jobs easier next time around. This way, everyone can achieve a good work-life balance.

My Skills

Digital Marketing Report


and strategy

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My Work Experience

CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER AND CO-FOUNDER | Avaris Esports Events | Oct 2021 - Present

  • Negotiates with executives across tech and finance industries. Provides guidance in identifying their marketing objectives, KPIs, and key metrics. Building brand awareness by using Facebook Ads and Business Manager by optimizing audience targeting for optimal results.
  • Manages the end-to-end processes for projects. Leads a production team for live event broadcasts, ensuring seamless coordination. Presents a marketing data and analysis deck to clients post-event.


  • Increased content output to nearly 60% of the team's total output by creating a content template bank in less than three months. More hiring ads were activated and resulted in a 27% increase in social media hires and a 60% decrease in cost per hire (CPH).
  • Strategically developed content to attract job seekers on social media platforms based on industry trends and competitive analysis. Collaborated effectively with project managers and creatives to produce effective hiring ads. Marketing content produced also included email and on-site events.

KEYWORD SPECIALIST | Canva Inc. | Apr 2020 – Jan 2023

  • Improved searchability of assets by analyzing and picking highly relevant keywords. This ensures that Canva users will be able to find what they are looking for when they use search.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER | Freelance | Jun 2018 – Dec 2022

MARKETING INTERN | Unilab Inc. | Jun 2019 – Aug 2019

Case Study | Avaris Client



Looking to Target Gen Z Gamers


  • The company wanted to explore targeting gamers who just recently joined the Philippine workforce.


  1. Increase brand awareness in the gamer community
  2. Onboard people to their ecommerce website
  3. Conduct a survey for product development


  1. Run a brand awareness campaign via Meta Ads which encourages them to register
  2. The tournament registration is free, but they have to answer a 10 question survey on top of their basic and contact information.
  3. Registration must be done within the website of the client.
  4. Educate them of the benefits of the services through a Discord call, during the tournament briefing.


  • Brand Awareness KPI was set to be at PHP 2.00 Cost per Reach, actual CPR was PHP 0.008.
  • Successfully onboarded 750+ participants to their website.
  • The company was able to develop a product for gamers which increased their number of inquiries by 113% during launch.

Case Study | My Time at TU


Looking to increase SOH and decrease CPH


  • Outsourcing companies gain profit when they hire people to work for companies abroad. The challenge in general is to get as much hires as possible.
  • I was new, and one of our teammates just resigned. That left the content team with only two people handling 10 offices that needed operational hiring ads daily, on top of multiple special projects.
  • It was my first time learning everything about BPO's


  1. Increase social media hires since it is the most cost-efficient way of advertising
  2. Decrease cost per hire to maximize profit
  3. Meet the production needs of all sites with limited manpower


  • Created a template bank for emails and social media captions, this way I am able to lessen the time consumed in writing these ads. This also allowed my to focus my creative juices for image copies and communication strategies for special projects.


  • My share of content output increased to 60% in just a few months.
  • Number of Social media hires increased by 184%
  • Share of Hires from Social Media hires increased by 27%
  • Cost per Hire decreased by 60%

My Graphic Design Samples | MockUps

My Graphic Design Samples | Event Marketing